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About us

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BMM Energy Solutions Ltd are a market leader in the latest cutting edge technology. We specialise in electric vehicle charging points, battery storage solutions, PV, LED and energy surveys. Our management team have had over forty years experience in the electrical marketplace and started with electric vehicle charging point technology back in 2005 with the 2012 London Olympic Games and the installations for the Olympic torch route.

We have a large customer base which includes charging point manufacturers including Rolec and Schneider Electrical. BMM also work closely with OLEV and EST Scotland as well as with major car manufacturers, district network operators, government departments and councils.


From survey to installation

We are proud to advertise that "​We are the team you can trust" and are dedicated to deliver an excellent high standard of customer service.

We are also partnered with Utilitywise and provide and energy solution service to clients to compliment our LED and PV installation offerings.


The team you can trust

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Call as at +44 (0)1236 842 329 or email us on info@bmm-ltd.com